Faculty of applied studies - Business and Information Technology

Graduates' Employment Opportunities

Graduates holding Diploma in Professional Ac-counting / Insurance have a number of job options both in respect of Accounting and Insurance related industries. Especially having exemptions from profes-sional institute like ACCA and CII the student’s proba-bility of getting better gob will increase to manifold. Most of the Accounting and Insurance industries are looking for ACCA / CII qualified prospects therefore JCC taking into account the current environment and job market request introduced the Diploma in Profes-sional Accounting / Insurance to meet with the indus-try requirements.

JCC carry out the following activities to create job opening for its students:

  • Carrier’s day
  • Occupational Advisory Committee meetings
  • Internship ( many students are offered job during internship)
  • Inviting companies time to time.
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Last Update 8/7/2014 12:22:14 PM